Weed Suppressant Mat™


Wood fiber based weed-suppressant ground cover.
50′ x 5′ Roll.  250 sq./ft.


Quickly and easily convert those overgrown and weed-filled areas into spaces ready to plant native plugs with Weed Suppressant Mat™.  With the Weed Suppressant Mat™ (WSM), you can smother turf or other unwanted vegetation; then simply cut small holes and plant some great native plugs from MNL right through the WSM! 

We do NOT recommend seeding under or on top of the WSM…it is a smothering material that is meant to suppress unwanted growth.  Seed will not succeed in growing through it. More tips for using WSM here in our resource library

Includes 250 sq./ft. of mat in a 5′ x 50′ roll.

A fantastic alternative to traditional plastic weed blankets, WSM will provide weed protection for 3-5 growing seasons, and will begin breaking down after 3 years.  Long enough for you new native plants to establish!