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About Us

Driven by our values and mission.

We are purpose-driven ecologists and environmentalists. We’ve dedicated our lives to our mission and have been getting our hands dirty for decades doing the work. Here are our core values, our guiding lights and north stars that keep us on track to accomplish our purpose.

Photo Credit: Wendy Caldwell/Monarch Joint Venture

We exist to heal the earth.

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Our Core Values

Passion: We are inspired, and strive to inspire others, with our purpose of healing the Earth. We will have a profoundly positive impact on our world, leaving it a better, healthier place for future generations.

Grit: We are not afraid to roll up our sleeves to get the job done, working to perform our craft no matter the challenges, obstacles or difficulties.

Craftsmanship:Our culture is founded on exceptional craftsmanship. MNL’s team is determined to constantly develop our expertise, expand our knowledge, and hold ourselves to the highest possible standards.

Innovation: Every day we write the book! We approach each opportunity with an eagerness to discover innovative and imaginative solutions.

Positivity: Positive attitudes inspire productive and successful outcomes. Our positivity naturally attracts others to join MNL’s Earth-changing Mission.

Ready to work.

MNL’s full line-up of large and diverse tools and equipment, along with our team of expert operators, provides the means to achieve successful solutions – large and small.

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Mission Partners

Together we can accomplish anything.

MNL’s mission is to Heal the Earth and like-minded organizations and individuals are becoming MNL Mission Partners – joining our pursuit to positively impact the Earth. Interested in learning more?

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Meet our plants and people in person.

While MNL does not have a retail store, each summer we attend a variety of in-person plant sales and pollinator events to share our love of native plants.

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Selecting native plants and seed for your property growing zones.

Many gardeners are used to shopping for those hardy perennial plants according to their growing zone. We have such a unique set of challenges with growing and overwintering plants in Minnesota and the Midwest.