Lawns to Legumes

For over 20 years, Minnesota Native Landscapes (MNL) has been creating and restoring habitat across the upper Midwest. As a leading grower, installer, and manager of native plant ecosystems – MNL is a one-stop-shop for your Lawns to Legumes program needs. We have experts on staff to help you with every step of your pollinator habitat creation project. We have a have designed a seed mix that will fit in perfectly with the Lawns to Legumes program, it is the Rusty Patch Bumble Bee Seed Mix. This seed mix is designed with all flowering plants that Rusty Patch Bumble Bees are attracted to and use as food.


Lawns to Legumes Project Types:

Pocket Planting:

MNL’s native plants are perfect for any new habitat creation, or adding to an existing planting. We grow over 150 native species in native plant plugs and 4 inch pots. We also have pre-designed plant kits to meet your project goals. Check out our native plant page for more information on our greenhouse plants.

Flowering Trees and Shrubs:

Adding flowering trees and shrubs to your property is an easy way to add important forage to your landscape. These often include spring blooming species, which add color to your property, as well as excellent pollen and nectar resources for local pollinators – including the Rusty Patched Bumblebee! MNL may have native shrubs and trees available upon request.

Pollinator Lawn:

Commonly known as a Bee Lawn. MNL created our Bee Lawn seed mix based on recommendations from the U of M. This seed mix has been increasing in popularity over the years and is a great way to reduce maintenance in your yard and reduce your mowing, fertilizing, and watering impacts – this mix can handle a wide variety of growing conditions and is very drought resistant!

Pollinator Meadow:

Create an oasis for pollinators on your property by adding a native seed mix ┬áto a low-use area. These highly diverse mixes are an excellent way to add dozens of blooming species to your property providing incredibly valuable habitat while creating a low maintenance planting area. Native pollinator seed mixes contain the highest ratio of wildflowers to grasses, and also contain multiple blooming species throughout the spring, summer, and fall parts of the growing season – resulting in a colorful and attractive alternative to traditional landscaping. MNL’s Premium Native Seed Mixes are created with the backyard gardener in mind! Each local-ecotype seed mix contains several grass, and many wildflower species to enhance your project area without the guesswork of which species to include.