Erosion Control Blanket


Protect and help establish newly seeded areas.  100% biodigradable.

Have a sloped area your are converting to a native planting, or just want a more “finished” look on your new site?  Our Erosion Control Blanket can be utilized with both native seedings and plug plantings.  In addition to erosion control this all natural, biodegradable straw blanket will help with moisture retention for your new planting.

For Use With Native Seed:

Prep site for native seeding.  Broadcast or drill seed the area.  Roll out and staple down the Erosion Control Blanket to provide up to 12 months of erosion control/cover on the site.

For Use With Native Plugs (Plants):

Prep site for plug planting.  Seed the area if you are using seed in addition to plugs.  Roll out and staple down the Erosion Control Blanket.  Tear or cut small holes where you’d like to plant your plugs.  Plant and give a good initial watering!