Planting for Pollinators in Minnetonka — Seed Mixes

The City of Minnetonka presents Planting for Pollinators in Minnetonka. We are pleased to partner with MNL to offer this online sale of native seed mixes to benefit pollinators in our community.
Choose from a variety of expertly designed seed mixes.

Learn more about each of the available seed mixes below.


Planting for Pollinators in Minnetonka – Seed Mixes

Seed mixes are a great money saving alternative to live plugs when introducing native plants to larger areas. MNL designs all of its own premium quality native seed mixes.  We carefully create mixes accounting for seed count, moisture conditions, sunlight, phenology, diversity, and other variables.  All seed mixes in our 500 and 1,000 sq. ft. sizes include native grass/sedges, wildflowers, cover crop, and a filler (for easier spreading). All pre-mixed and ready for application.

Seed mixes will be shipped directly to your door.  Seed mixes generally ship within 3-5 business days of order.  

Monarch Seed Mix Packet

Best planted in full sun, dry to mesic soils. This packet mix was specially designed to provide habitat for Monarch Butterflies. With 4 species of milkweed, meadow blazing star, and little bluestem grass, this mix makes an excellent standalone Monarch garden or use it to enhance an existing garden or wild space. **Does not include cover crop or spreading filler.

100 sq. ft. – $20


Rusty Patched Bumble Bee Mix

This mix is designed specifically for the Rusty Patched Bumble Bee. Wildflower species in this mix are designated high priority food sources for the endangered Rusty Patched Bumble Bee by the Minnesota Board of Water & Soil Resources. This seed mix is best suited for dry to mesic soils and full sun to partial shade. 

500 sq. ft. – $45,  1000 sq. ft. – $70 


Pollinator Mix, Wet to Mesic Soil

This mix includes a large selection of beautiful native wildflowers, grasses, and sedges which are well suited for heavy soils with high moisture.  This mix was approved by the Xerces Society for pollinator habitat enhancement and restoration. Our most diverse mix, with over 25 species of wildflowers including three or more blooming species in each bloom season.  Best grown in full sunlight to partial shade.

500 sq. ft – $55,  1000 sq. ft. $70


Woodland Mix

This mix includes a variety of native grass, sedge, shrub, and wildflower species suited for moderate to dense shade.  Best planted in areas dry to moist soil under 75-100% shade cover.  

500 sq. ft. – $70,  1000 sq. ft. – $125


Low Grow Fescue Blend

A fantastic way to eliminate yard work and reduce your summer water bill.  This mix provides attractive ground cover that is hardy, requires less mowing, little to no artificial watering after establishment, and can grow in areas of full sun to shade.  Reaches heights of 10-12″ if left unmown. Can be mowed a couple times per growing season for a shorter look.

1000 sq. ft. –  $40


Pollinator Lawn

A short-statured, low maintenance alternative to traditional turf lawn. This mix of fine fescues, Dutch White Clover, Creeping Thyme, and Self-heal requires much less maintenance than a traditional lawn and early-season forage for some pollinators. **Please note: Includes bee-friendly, non-native species.

1000 sq. ft. – $80