Tall Prairie Grass Kit

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Tall, lush, native prairie grasses!

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Tall Prairie Grass Kit

The Tall Prairie Grass Kit provides a hearty assortment of tall, native prairie grasses. This kit is specifically designed to be used alongside many of our taller prairie flower kits to provide ground cover, color, texture, and support. With thick growth and height potential of over seven feet, it will provide lush habitat for insects, pollinators, and songbirds of all types.

Consider planting with other tall prairie flowers for support and in open areas with no height restrictions. Great for open spaces to minimize soil erosion. Suitable for all ranges of sunlight and moisture.

Kit includes: 36 plants; six plants of six different species. Species included will vary based on current inventory and availability.  If you prefer choosing specific species, check out our MNL Build-A-Kit to design your own custom kit.  

We recommend planting in a 40-60 square foot area.  

Don’t know where to start? Click here to view MNL’s planting recommendations!

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The addition of native grass to any native wildflower garden has many benefits!  Native grasses provide support and protection for wildflowers.  They establish a ground cover to help prevent unwanted weeds from growing. They create a more natural environment and pollinator habitat and increase the overall fullness and beauty of wildflower gardens. MNL makes it easy to add native grass by offering Short and Tall Prairie Grass kits, as well as single species trays of native grasses and sedges for a variety of growing conditions.  Save $10 when you pair a grass kit or single species tray to your wildflower plant kit order!

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