Shoreline Stablilization Kit


Protect your shoreline from erosion!

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Shoreline Stabilization Kit

MNL understands the importance of Minnesota’s lakes and wants to protect this incredible natural resource. The Shoreline Stabilization Kit is designed to provide attractive, natural protection and native habitat on the water’s edge. Safeguard any shoreline from erosion with this collection of deep rooted aquatic plants while creating habitat for a wide range of wetland creatures and spawning grounds for a variety of fish.

Plant on the shoreline of any large body of water.

Kit includes: 36 plants; six plants of six different species. Species included will vary based on current inventory and availability.  If you prefer chosing specific species, check out our MNL Build-A-Kit to design your own custom kit.  

We recommend planting in a 40-60 square foot area.  

The Shoreline Stabilization Kit pairs well with our Rain Garden Kit, Drainage Stream Kit, Wetland Edge Kit, Monarch Special Kit, Tall Prairie Grass Kit.

What to pair with:

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