MNL Woodland Mix

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A mix designed for wooded areas with partial to full shade

Includes a variety of native grass, sedge, and wildflower species suited for moderate to dense shade.

Seed mixes in our 500, 1,000, 5,000, and 1/4 acre package sizes come with native grasses, wildflowers, cover crop, and a filler (for easier spreading) all pre-mixed. Orders in 1/2 acre or 1 acre+ sizes come with grasses, wildflowers, and cover crop bagged separately for drill seeding or broadcast seeding.

Species of cover crop seed will depend on the time of year the product is ordered – if you order ahead and have a delayed planting time in mind, please indicate planting season (spring, summer, fall, or winter) in a note at check out.

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Woodland Mix

Common NameScientific NameType of PlantBloom Season
Bottlebrush GrassElymus hystrixGrass
Silky Wild RyeElymus villosusGrass
Eastern Woodland SedgeCarex blandaSedge
Troublesome SedgeCarex molesta
Eastern Star SedgeCarex radiataSedge
Long-beaked SedgeCarex sprengeliiSedge
Pagoda DogwoodCornus alternifolia ShrubSpring
Red ElderberrySambucus racemosaShrubSpring
Fragrant Giant HyssopAgastache foeniculumForbSummer
Wild LeekAllium tricoccumForbSummer
Canada AnemoneAnemone canadensisForbSpring
Tall ThimbleweedAnemone virginianaForbSummer
ColumbineAquilegia canadensisForbSpring
Tall BellflowerCampanula americanaForbFall
Blue CohoshCaulophyllum thalictroidesForbSpring
Canadian HonewortCryptotaenia canadensisForbSummer
Dutchman's BreechesDicentra cucullariaForbSpring
White SnakerootEupatorium rugosum ForbFall
Large-leaved AsterEurybia macrophyllaForbFall
Solomon's PlumeMaianthemum racemosumForbSpring
Bishop's CapMitella diphyllaForbSpring
Sweet CicelyOsmorhiza claytoniForbSpring
Solomon's SealPolygonatum biflorumForbSpring
Wild Golden GlowRudbeckia laciniataForbSummer
Brown-eyed SusanRudbeckia trilobaForbSummer
BloodrootSanguinaria canadensisForbSpring
Early Meadow RueThalictrum dioicumForbSpring
Yellow BellwortUvularia grandifloraForbSpring

MNL Woodland Mix


Seed mix contents likely to vary slightly throughout the growing season. Actual seed mix composition will be listed on seed tag at time of delivery.

MNL produces premium, local origin native seed.  All of our native seed is tested for noxious weeds and certified to be of local origin.  It is also tested for germination and purity, allowing us to sell it as “Pure Live Seed” (PLS).  This assures you are only paying for viable seed.