MNL Pollinator Enhancement Mix **NEW ITEM**

From: $25.00

40+ species of Wildflowers to enhance your current planting!

New for Fall 2023:  This wildflower-only seed mix is perfect to enhance an existing planting, no matter what current age your prairie is!  Best for Dry to Mesic (Medium) soil conditions and full sun, this pollinator forb list will include 40+ species of wildflowers to add great diversity and season long blooming species to your site.  Can be planted any time of year, but a Fall dormant seeding can be a great way to incorporate new seed into existing prairies.   

MNL recommends using a complete grass and wildflower mix for new prairie plantings, consider our MNL Pollinator Mix Dry to Mesic Soils if you have a new site you’re looking to seed!

This wildflower-only mix is available in our same seed mix sizes and will come pre-blended with a filler material (Rice Hulls) to add volume for broadcast seeding.

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Pollinator Enhancement Mix

Common NameScientific NameType of PlantBloom Season
YarrowAchillea millefoliumForbSummer
Fragrant Giant HyssopAgastache foeniculumForbSummer
Prairie OnionAllium stellatumForbSummer
LeadplantAmorpha canescensForbSummer
Showy MilkweedAsclepias speciosaForbSummer
Common MilkweedAsclepias syriacaForbSummer
Butterfly MilkweedAsclepias tuberosaForbSummer
Canada Milk VetchAstragalus canadensisForbSummer
White Wild IndigoBaptisia albaForbSpring
Partridge PeaChamaecrista fasciculataForbFall
Hill's ThistleCirsium hilliiForbSummer
Prairie CoreopsisCoreopsis palmataForbSummer
White Prairie CloverDalea candidaForbSummer
Purple Prairie CloverDalea purpureaForbSummer
Showy Tick-trefoilDesmodium canadenseForbSummer
Prairie CinquefoilDrymocallis argutaForbSummer
Narrow-leaved ConeflowerEchinacea angustifoliaForbSummer
Common Ox-eyeHeliopsis helianthoidesForbSummer
Stiff SunflowerHelianthus pauciflorusForbFall
Round-headed BushcloverLespedeza capitataForbSummer
Dotted Blazing StarLiatris punctataForbSummer
Wild LupineLupinus perennisForbSpring
Wild BergamotMonarda fistulosaForb`Summer
Spotted Bee BalmMonarda punctataForbSummer
Slender PenstemonPenstemon gracilisForbSpring
Large-flower PenstemonPenstemon grandiflorusForbSpring
Prairie PhloxPhlox pilosaForbSpring
Mountain MintPycnanthemum virginianumForbSummer
Long-Headed ConeflowerRatibida columniferaForbSummer
Black-eyed SusanRudbeckia hirtaForbSummer
Gray GoldenrodSolidago nemoralisForbFall
Showy GoldenrodSolidago speciosaForbFall
Smooth Blue AsterSymphyotrichum laeveForbFall
Long-bracted SpiderwortTradescantia bracteataForbSpring
Hoary VervainVerbena strictaForbSummer
Heart-leaf Golden AlexandersZizia apteraForbSpring
Golden AlexandersZizia aureaForbSpring

MNL Pollinator Enhancement Mix

Seed mix contents likely to vary slightly throughout the growing season. Actual seed mix composition will be listed on seed tag at time of delivery.

MNL produces premium, local origin native seed.  All of our native seed is tested for noxious weeds and certified to be of local origin.  It is also tested for germination and purity, allowing us to sell it as “Pure Live Seed” (PLS).  This assures you are only paying for viable seed.