It’s a good year for monarch butterflies!

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Looking around outside, you may be able to spot more of these majestic creatures than you would have in previous years. We are observing that it has been a good summer for monarch butterflies around Minnesota! Walking around MNL’s native seed production fields this time of year when the migratory butterflies are hatching, is quite a sight!   Monarch butterflies …

2018 MNL Seed Mixes

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Our 2018 seed mixes are here! It’s the perfect time to begin planning your spring project! Order online, or call us with questions. We’ve added some fun new options this year! New mix options include: –MNL Songbird mix -A mixed height version of our popular upland dry mix -A version of our Savanna mix designed with shorter height grasses -A …

2018 Seed Mixes are up!

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We have updated our seed mixes and prices for 2018! This year we have made a few updates based on popular requests. We have added a mixed height version of our upland dry mix, to include wonderful species such as big bluestem and Indian grass. We have also added a shortgrass component to our savanna mix to complement back yard …

20 years of Minnesota Native Landscapes

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In celebration of MNL’s 20th year in business, we are looking back at just how far things have come. 1998 was the year, at a hobby farm in Foley, MN where Minnesota Native Landscapes began it’s work in the ecological restoration field. MNL started out with two employees, the owners: Joe Schaffer and Paul Jackson. These entrepreneurs focused their efforts …

Milkweed Pod Santa

Bre Bauerly milkweed

What does MNL do with the thousands of milkweed pods leftover from our annual fall Milkweed for Monarchs collection? Well, most of them go into compost, but one unique use for them is to make Santa ornaments for the tree! All you need for this fun holiday craft is dried milkweed pod halves, string or ribbon, paint, small white poms, …

The Nature Conservancy – Prairie Restoration Guide

Bre Bauerly Prairies

Planning and preparing for a restoration project can seem like a daunting task. Luckily, there are a lot of resources out there to help you get started. This week, we are featuring the Prairie Restoration Guides from the Nature Conservancy. These comprehensive guides can assist anyone from the backyard gardener to a farmer looking to transform cropland into a conservation …

Fall Dormant Seeding

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We are often asked when is the best time for seeding our native seed, or if it’s too late to seed now. Now is a great time to seed native seed mixes! Often, the best answers come directly from nature. If you walk through a restored prairie or any native planting area right now, you’ll notice seeds are easily separated …

2017 Milkweed Collection

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Milkweed Collectors, Our 2017 milkweed collection is coming to a close! We thank everyone who participates and helps our collection continuously grow. Our Otsego and Foley hub locations will remain open for dropoffs for a while longer. It’s been another great year!

Fall Buckthorn Scouting

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Welcome to fall!! It’s a beautiful time in Minnesota as the leaves are changing and a chill takes over the air. It’s also the perfect time to get out and check your property for new or existing infestations of buckthorn. This problematic woodland invader keeps its leaves on and green much later into the fall than our native trees and …

Painted Lady Butterflies

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Everyone seems to be noticing these beauties this year. This year is a big one for painted lady butterfly populations in MN. These butterflies, often called thistle caterpillars in their larval form, are preparing to migrate to the southern US / Mexico soon. The adult butterflies are feeding on nectar from native goldenrod and sunflowers, and even on garden plants …