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We provide seed mixes and plants for large scale projects, or we can custom grow to meet your needs—from 10,000 native plant plugs, native sod or 1,000 acres of a native seed mix. No matter your needs, we can help. Let’s talk.

What sets us apart?

Our Process

Our Native Species Ecologists scour the state to find unique species, with the goal of bringing commercial scale quantities of high-quality native grasses, sedges, and wildflowers to market. We only source parent seed material from remnant prairies so we can be sure of the genetic origin of the seed. This ensures it is best suited for the local climate and provides myriad benefits to local birds, bees, butterflies and ecosystem.

MNL grows over 200 species of native grasses, sedges, and wildflowers on 3 farms scattered across Minnesota. We specialize in locally sourced (local origin) seed that is certified as “Yellow Tag” by the Minnesota Crop Improvement Association. This certification ensures the material is local, meaning it is best acclimated to grow in the sometimes harsh Upper Midwest conditions, and will also support local habitat.

Our Farm Managers challenge themselves to bring new and previously unavailable species to the market, with the goal of bringing the highest quality, best selection of native seed available anywhere.

Finally, all MNL seed is tested by independent seed laboratories for purity, noxious weeds, and viability. We only sell seed based on Pure Live Seed (PLS), which is an industry leading practice that ensures you are only paying for viable seed, not chaff, stems, or other filler.


Growing within many industries.

We work with property developers, government agencies, nonprofits, wholesale vendors, garden centers and corporate campus managers. We focus on water quality improvement, creating new wildlife habitat, soil stabilization or improving aesthetics. MNL has the full capabilities to consult, design, implement and manage the process and the landscape of any project.

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