Rain Garden Success

Wes Olmschenk Pollinators, Rain Garden

MNL has wrapped up workon another rain garden installation! This project was a little different than our usual planting, though, since this time we left much of the planning up to the junior experts. Early in 2016, MNL staff spoke to students at North Jr High and Sartell Middle School taking part in the YES! program. This talk mostly involved choosing plant species to benefit pollinators, and what it takes to create a rain garden or pollinator garden. Following this, the students at North Jr High obtained permission to create a native garden space on campus and went to work learning more about native plant species and their benefits. On May 6th, the students took part in planting over 1,000 of MNL’s native perennial plugs and seeding a custom moisture tolerant native seed mix. We can’t wait to see the results of everyone’s hard work in the coming growing seasons.


Read more here: http://www.youthenergysummit.org/native-rain-garden-takes-root-in-st-cloud/