Professional Services

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Our Professional Services team provides a variety of service options including ecological consultation, environmental and ecological studies, permitting and compliance, wetland delineation, vegetation and wildlife management, and water quality services.

Project types

Wetland Services

Providing landowners and developers with full in-house wetland services capabilities including wetland delineation, planning, permitting, mitigation banking, and restoration expertise. We provide our clients expert wetland assessment, permitting, and restoration site design and development solutions.

Vegetation Management and Botanical Studies

Our team provides a variety of plans and studies such as Vegetation Establishment and Management Plans (VMP’s/VEMP’s), native vegetation restoration planning, botanical surveys, invasive and noxious species inventories, insect inventories, and tree, shrub and windbreak surveys.

Stormwater Management Planning and Permiting

Design, preparation, and inspection of NPDES Erosion Control and Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPP) for construction projects and spill prevention; and Control and Countermeasure (SPCC) Plans for construction and operational facilities.

Environmental Siting and Permitting

Expertise in providing environmental siting, permitting, and compliance related to facility and energy development, construction, and operations. Includes state public utility and service commission regulated facilities, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) Pipeline and Hydropower NEPA Requirements, utility facility environmental report and route studies, Environmental Assessments Worksheet (EAW), AUAR Documentation, and county zoning and land use conditional and special use permitting.

Wildlife, Raptors and Bird Inventories & Assessments

Expertise and services include wildlife management and habitat restoration plans, bird and raptor surveys, pre-construction wildlife surveys, butterfly & Rusty Patched Bumble Bee surveys, and wildlife monitoring for construction and operations.

Rain Garden Design

MNL can design a rain garden which adds a crucial water filtration function and enhances the curb appeal of your site. We can also provide expertise on important decisions like plant selection, drainage material, and vegetation management practices.

Custom Seed Mixes

Understanding the existing soil conditions and project goals are critical for successful outcomes. MNL will design a custom seed mix with 5 or more species blooming in each season (Spring, Summer, Fall). We account for items such as sun exposure, soil moisture, budget, market availability, lifespan, plant phenology, diversity of species, and method of seeding.

Ecological Restoration Planning & Design

MNL provides planning and design details & specifications highlighting the scope, products, and workmanship needed to successfully complete ecological restoration projects of all types and sizes.

Education Workshops

We deliver timely and informative presentations on the benefits of native plants, converting turf to natives, streambank restoration, designing a native lakeshore, using grazing as a management tool, and many other topics.

Native Landscape Design

MNL incorporates native plants and seed mixes into residential and commercial applications resulting in aesthetically beautiful and environmentally sound designs.

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Process of Professional Services projects

Whether your project is a wetland restoration, a VMP plan, or a rain garden design, MNL’s full suite of in-house capabilities starts with an understanding of the goals, timelines, and planning/siting stages of each project. Unlike other professional services firms, MNL has the capabilities, equipment, and expertise to seamlessly transition each project from design to construction, where our team of ecologists and restoration craftspeople successfully produce remarkable outcomes.

Featured Project

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Vegetation Establishment and Maintenance Plan for the Redpath Impoundment Project

In response to a Clean Water Land and Legacy Act grant award, MNL prepared a Vegetation Establishment and Maintenance Plan for a proposed flood control impoundment and river channel restoration project in western Minnesota. The Plan included vegetation installation guidance, establishment management, and maintenance specifications and plans for construction of 900 acre temporary flood control impoundment, and six miles of restoration of a ditched channel of the Mustinka River in Traverse and Grant counties. The objectives included establishing sustainable, low maintenance native vegetation and restoring native plant communities in the river floodplain. The project will be constructed starting in 2023.

Other Services

Construction Services

Our staff has experience planting plugs, trees, shrubs, vines, live stakes, pre-vegetated sod mats. We also work expertly with all types of BMP’s and erosion products.

Vegetation Management

We have extensive experience with woody invasive control, rain garden maintenance, enhancement plantings, increasing biodiversity and maintaining healthy water systems.

Red Rock Fire Services

Over the years, the business has grown due to the increased demands for equipment and firefighters in the wildland urban interface.