MNL Lakeshore Mix

Short grasses and sedges with taller wildflowers for attractive water edge and shoreline 

Attractive mix with moisture-tolerant and emergent species that thrive near the water’s edge. Now designed with shorter height grasses, more sedges, and mixed height wildflowers. 

Seed mixes in our 500, 1,000, 5,000, and 1/4 acre package sizes come with native grasses, wildflowers, cover crop, and a filler (for easier spreading) all pre-mixed. Orders in 1/2 acre or 1 acre+ sizes come with grasses, wildflowers, and cover crop bagged separately for drill seeding or broadcast seeding.

Species of cover crop seed will depend on the time of year the product is ordered – if you order ahead and have a delayed planting time in mind, please indicate planting season (spring, summer, fall, or winter) in a note at check out.

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Lakeshore Mix

Common NameScientific NameType of PlantBloom Season
Blue Joint GrassCalamagrostis canadensisGrass
Fowl BluegrassPoa palustrisGrass
Bottlebrush SedgeCarex comosaSedge
Lake SedgeCarex lacustrisSedge
Greater Straw SedgeCarex normalisSedge
Knotsheath SedgeCarex retrorsaSedge
Broom Sedge Carex scopariaSedge
Common Fox SedgeCarex stipataSedge
Fox SedgeCarex vulpinoideaSedge
Softstem BulrushSchoenoplectus tabernaemontaniSedge
Green BulrushScirpus atrovirensSedge
WoolgrassScirpus cyperinusSedge
River BulrushBolboschoenus fluviatilisSedge
Sweet FlagAcorus americanusForbSummer
American Water PlantainAlisma subcordatumForbSummer
Canada AnemoneAnemone canadensisForbSpring
Swamp Milkweed Asclepias incarnataForbSummer
FireweedChamerion angustifoliumForbSummer
Joe Pye WeedEutrochium maculatumForbSummer
BonesetEupatorium perfoliatumForbFall
SneezeweedHelenium autumnaleForbFall
Blue Flag IrisIris versicolorForbSpring
Meadow Blazing StarLiatris ligulistylis ForbSummer
Prairie Blazing StarLiatris pycnostachyaForbSummer
Great Blue LobeliaLobelia siphilitica ForbSummer
Winged LythrumLythrum alatumForbSummer
Monkey FlowerMimulus ringensForbSummer
Obedient PlantPhysostegia virginianaForbSummer
Mountain MintPycnanthemum virginianumForbSummer
Smooth RoseRosa blandaForbSummer
Riddell's GoldenrodSolidago riddellii ForbFall
Giant BurreedSparganium eurycarpumForbSummer
New England AsterSymphyotrichum novae-angliaeForbFall
Blue VervainVerbena hastataForbSummer
IronweedVernonia fasciculataForbSummer
Culver's RootVeronicastrum virginicumForbSummer

MNL Lakeshore Mix

Seed mix contents likely to vary slightly throughout the growing season. Actual seed mix composition will be listed on seed tag at time of delivery.

MNL produces premium, local origin native seed.  All of our native seed is tested for noxious weeds and certified to be of local origin.  It is also tested for germination and purity, allowing us to sell it as “Pure Live Seed” (PLS).  This assures you are only paying for viable seed.