Fox Sedge (Carex Vulpinoidea)

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You can find Fox Sedge (Carex Vulpinoidea) growing naturally in moist to wet soils along rivers, streams, lakes and a variety of wetland areas.  With the abundance of natural wetlands, it’s no wonder Fox Sedge is one of Minnesota’s most widespread and abundant native sedges.  Growing in densly-packed bright green clusters, Fox Sedge has thin, firm, three sided stems ranging from 12-36″ in height.  Seed forms in attractive, tightly packed spiked clusters with a yellow to pale orange color.  The seed clusters resemble a fox tail, which where it gets its name.

An excellent source of habitat for many different insects, pollinators, and other wildlife.  

It’s the perfect addition to any wetland edge, rain garden, or shoreline restoration project.


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