Native Prairie Sod

Get rolling on your restoration!

Looking for instant gratification with your restoration project?  Native Sod is the perfect solution.  It provides instant establishment, excellent erosion control, is easy to install, and requires minimal inputs for management.

First things first. What is native sod?

MNL’s Native Prairie Sod is just what it sounds like:  a fantastic pre-grown native prairie full of grasses, sedges, and wildflowers all rolled up and delivered to your site, ready to take root. MNL can provide native sod for sites that range from 1,000 square feet up to over an acre in size, and can grow a variety of sod options from Upland Prairies to Raingardens and Wetlands.

Why use Native Prairie Sod?


Benefits of Native Prairie Sod include:

  • Nearly instant establishment on site, especially high profile locations.
  • Immediate erosion control.
  • Easy to install, similar to traditional turf sod.
  • Minimal maintenance requirements once installed.
  • Adaptability to various site conditions:  sod available for sunny and shady spots, wet and dry spots.
  • Instant habitat creation.
  • Cost competitive to erosion control blanket and plug planting

Installation & Delivery Services Available

Let MNL take your project from planning to prairie by growing the sod, delivering it to the site, and professionally installing and watering!  Our crews can handle sites of varying sizes and conditions, contact us today to learn more.

Custom Grown Sod Available

Have a unique site or prairie you want?  MNL can custom grow sod.  Orders placed by March 1st can be available later the same year – usually around 4-6 months lead time required.