Winter Seed Stratification

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Seeding pots and trays is our focal point in the beginning of a new year, this needs to be done early so different seeds can grow to their own specifications. Stratification is a fundamental process to encourage plants to grow, and each species has it’s own unique preferences.

Stratification is a process of placing either wet or dry seed in a cool environment (e.g., a refrigerator or cooler), which allows the coating around the seed to break away. Once the coat has broken down, moisture can begin to soak in. After this action is completed, the stratified seed is seeded into a pot or tray.

You can stratify seeds at home too! Do a little research on your species to find what the best time frame is before it’s ready to be seeded. If you want to see how stratification works, now would be a good time to try it out before it gets warm enough to plant outside! Grab one of our seed packets of individual species and conduct your very own experiment in the comfort of your home.