Kernza® is a perennial grain with exciting potential in various markets, including breads, cereal, beer, and spirits.  Developed by The Land Institute, Kernza is the result of many years’ work to improve genetics of Intermediate Wheatgrass, a perennial cool season grass.  It has the promise of many environmental benefits vs our current annual food crops, including an impressive root system that can grow down 10 feet or more to store carbon and prevent soil erosion.  More information about Kernza can be found here:


MNL has Kernza custom cleaning services and seed available:

Interested in growing Kernza? MNL is licensed by the University of Minnesota to sell the new Clearwater variety (MN-Clearwater) for sale primarily to MN farmers interested in commercial production of Kernza (20 acres or more).  Contact us today if you are interested and to learn more!


Currently growing Kernza and looking for cleaning/processing services?  MNL has the equipment and expertise to clean your Kernza crop for either seed or grain quality.  We have cleaned more Kernza than anyone else in MN for both seed quality and fully dehulled for grain quality.  Contact us for a quote on custom cleaning so you can get your crop to market!



Photo Credit: Carmen Fernholz