Individual Species Full Trays Available!

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MNL is excited to introduce a new way to easily add Minnesota native wildflowers and grasses to your property.  For the first time ever, we’re offering individual species full trays for off-season preordering.  Each tray includes 36 XL plugs of the species of your choice at a lower price point than our regular plant kits or Build-A-Kit tray options.   

What are the benefits to an individual species tray?

Individual species trays are the perfect way to enhance an existing native wildflower planting. You can:

  • Add more of your favorite wildflower. 
  • Plant a specific blossom color you might be missing. 
  • Select a spring, summer, or fall blooming species so you can enjoy wildflowers all throughout the growing season. 
  • Strategically attract specific types of pollinators, bees, butterflies, insects, and other critters by adding their favorite host plant, food, or nectar source.
  • Include a grass or sedge for a more full appearance and provide support for your Minnesota native wildflowers.    

If you’re starting from scratch, individual species trays are also a fantastic way to:

  • Create an attractive cluster of your favorite native wildflower or grass.
  • Convert an existing flowerbed into a native planting
  • Affordably cover a larger planting area with your favorite species.


We currently have over 85 species ready for pre-order and plan to add more as time goes on.  Check back often for updated offerings! 

You can browse the full selection here:  MNL Individual Species Trays