Fall Buckthorn Scouting

Bre Bauerly invasive species

Welcome to fall!! It’s a beautiful time in Minnesota as the leaves are changing and a chill takes over the air. It’s also the perfect time to get out and check your property for new or existing infestations of buckthorn. This problematic woodland invader keeps its leaves on and green much later into the fall than our native trees and shrubs tend to. This also makes fall and winter a great time to treat buckthorn while minimizing impacts on native ground cover, shrubs, and seedlings.

Walk the woods in the coming weeks and you may better understand the level of infestation on your own property and around the state of MN. For more information on identification of common and glossy buckthorn, visit the MN DNR’s website here.


MNL has consultants and crews who can help assess your site and create a plan for removing the buckthorn on your property. Typically, removal of tree material over 1/2 inch diameter is completed in the winter months over frozen ground. This helps minimize impacts on your yard and the underlying soils, and makes now the perfect time to visit the site, create a plan, and get the work onto our upcoming schedule. Give us a call, or send an email, to schedule a consultation today!

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