Creating Sustainable Yards

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Creating a sustainable yard is easier than you might think. The simplest thing to do, is just to do less! Mow less often, fertilize less (or not at all), stop bagging your clippings every time you mow, and stop spraying the “weeds” in your lawn. If you’re starting from scratch, want to add more flowering plants, or your lawn is simply too far “gone” to salvage, we can help!


Bee Lawn: Create a low maintenance, low input lawn with this mix created to withstand foot traffic and play, but also provide a food source for pollinators. This is a non-native mix, but the species are not considered all that aggressive or invasive (unlike creeping charlie and other lawn weeds).

Transition Mix: This short-mid height native mix contains a blend of grasses and wild flowers to create low maintenance areas with native plants in your yard – perfect for adding color to areas that don’t receive a lot of foot traffic and reducing yard maintenance. This mix is perfect for slopes, along fence lines, boulevard plantings, etc. Can withstand a mid season mowing to keep overall height below 30 inches to meet certain city standards for boulevard plantings.

Septic Mound Mix: Specially designed with native species for poor-soil septic mound and drainfield areas.  The University of Minnesota recommends native grasses and wildflowers for septic mounds to improve soil stability and providing a cover to limit frost depths.

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