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Small spaces make a big difference.

Let us help you with seed, plants, and resources to DIY your own project. Or, MNL can design, construct and manage your project for you

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What can MNL do for you? Great question. We have answers.

Let us help you determine what’s right to grow in your yard. Here are a few backyard solutions we create that help heal the earth.

MNL Pollinator Seed Mix: Our most diverse and most popular backyard seed mix. Create a beautiful garden for yourself and your smallest neighbors to enjoy by planting native species selected to bloom throughout the growing season.

My Pocket Prairie: This backyard setup is a beautiful way to make a big impact on the health of our planet. Our planting kit consists of 27 perennial, locally grown, native plants that mature into a stunning little piece of important native prairie in your yard. Shipped to your doorstep, this box contains all you need to convert a 5’x5′ (or larger!) area of your lawn into a native plant oasis for Pollinators, water filtration, healthier soil, and more.

MNL Plant Kits: Let MNL experts choose the right native plants for your area and to plant together! These pre-designed kits of 36 plants are built to best suit a variety of habitats for your yard: sunny spots, shady spots, taller species, shorter species, etc.

MNL Septic Mound Mix: Specially designed with native species for poor-soil septic mound and drainfield areas. The University of Minnesota recommends native grasses and wildflowers for septic mounds to improve soil stability and provide a cover to limit frost depths.


Tips for native planting.

Know more about what to plant at home.

On warm spring days it’s fun to walk around your yard and decide where you can add more plants. Before planting, it’s important to do a little research, watch a few videos and reach out to the MNL team for help. We have already done the homework for you – check out our pre-designed seed mixes and plant kits for various growing conditions.

Our Services

Corner of the lot or the whole thing.

Vegetation Management

Our team manages all types of ecosystems native to the Midwest from establishment to long term growth. We have extensive experience with woody invasive control, rain garden maintenance, enhancement plantings, increasing biodiversity and maintaining healthy water systems.

Professional Services

Our Professional Services team provides a variety of service options including ecological consultation, environmental and ecological studies, permitting and compliance, wetland delineation, vegetation and wildlife management, and water quality services.


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Featured Project

Shoreline Restoration – Upper Hay Lake.

The project goal was to re-establish a uniform and stable soft-armored lakeshore. Installation included 100 linear feet of coir log, import and placement of 12 cubic yards of clean fill, coir blanket to create one soil lift, along with hardwood mulch, native shoreline seed and approximately 1,200 native plants and shrubs.