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New to native plants? No problem, we have pre-designed plant kits and seed mixes that are created to turn your property into a powerhouse for healing the earth.

First things first. What is a native plant?

Native plants live, thrive and work where they’re supposed to. Native plants attract native pollinators, birds, and other wildlife. They filter nutrients from water which restores the soil while adding a new complex, beautiful component to your yard. Native plants live, thrive, and work where they’re supposed to – they’re from here, and they know their way around

Why should you go with native plants?

Simply, native plants have a huge impact on water and soil health and local pollinators. Many native plants are host plants for certain bees, butterflies, or other insects, meaning many important actors in local ecosystems could not survive without those plants. For example: Monarch Butterflies only lay their eggs on Milkweed plants, loss of Milkweed habitat has led to a 95% decrease in Monarch populations. The right plants understand the environment they’re grown in and contribute to making it more healthy and sustainable.

Our Best Backyard Options

Native Seed Mixes

Take a look at our expertly designed, premade seed mixes and choose from our most popular individual grass or wildflower species, and/or smaller seed packet mixes.

Native Plants

Do a little digging and pick and choose one of our plant kits or individual species trays—or build your own custom kit. You can also pre-order for upcoming plant sale events.

My Pocket Prairie

This planting kit consists of 27 perennial, locally grown, native plants that mature into a stunning piece of important native prairie that lives in your yard.

Seeds VS. Plants

If you want to plant native seeds on your own, we got you. If you want to purchase healthy plugs for your yard, we have everything you need to transform your backyard into a thriving ecosystem.

online seeds & plants

Ready to get started?

You are taking the steps to positively impact your land. Check out our curated native plands, seeds and kits— we have everything you need to get going.

the right solution for you

Not sure where to start??

Learn about our different backyard solutions to discover what offering is best suited for your yard.

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Lawns to Legumes

The Lawns to Legumes program offers a combination of workshops, coaching, planting guides and cost-share funding for installing pollinator-friendly native plantings in residential lawns. Our experts can help you get going on your pollinator habitat creation project today.