2017 Milkweed – Not quite there yet…

Bre Bauerlywildflowers

This is a very exciting time of year around MNL. Many of our favorite wildflowers are blooming around the prairie, and the native grasses are changing color and blowing in the wind. It is also the time that we begin our annual milkweed pod collection. At this point, collection materials are being distributed to our partner hub locations so we can disperse our new recycled pod bags for easier picking and drop off. Pods are not quite ripe yet. We think it will be another 2 weeks or so until pods are ripe enough to be picked. We have seen butterfly milkweed pods that are mature and splitting open, and other pods on the same plant that still have white seeds. We are expecting a good amount of variability in ripening times this year. If you are seeing ripe pods near you, please let us know! Contact us at [email protected] with any collection related questions or information! Check out our website www.MnNativeLandscapes.com/milkweed for the latest.

Unripe Pod August 29th, 2017: