Construction Services

Equipped for all job sites.

construction trucks dredging a river

Backed with a full fleet of equipment, MNL’s team provides a wide range of ecological restoration services. We are experts in site preparation, seed and plant installation, shoreline restoration, erosion control, grading, rain garden and forestry control.

Installation Services

Shoreline Restoration/Wetland Banking

MNL offers a number of different services for wetland banking projects. Primarily, site grading, tile breaking, plug removal, seeding, and site management. We offer a variety of different seed mixes, native plugs and custom designed mixes for wetland banking projects. One of these mixes is designed specifically to withstand spraying for Reed Canary Grass in the future and we also offer standard MnDOT mixes.

MNL offers a full suite of services for wetland banking projects such as site grading, tile breaking, plug removal, seeding, and site management. In addition, our production farms produce a variety of different seed mixes, native plugs and custom designed mixes for wetland projects.


We are experts in converting existing agricultural and marginally less diverse lands into native vegetation which benefits wildlife habitat, provides soil stabilization, cleaner water, and more. We have the equipment and expertise to complete any native seeding project.

Native Planting

Our staff has expertise planting plugs, trees, shrubs, vines, live stakes, pre-vegetated sod mats and installing native vegetation of all types and sizes.

Erosion Control

We are experts with all types of BMP’s and erosion products. We properly install silt fences, straw mulch, a variety of erosion control blankets, hydromulch and much more.

Excavation and Grading


We stabilize shorelines to stop further erosion and sediment loading into waterways, and we install structures in waterways to control flow, increase oxygen levels, provide fish habitat, and decrease bank stress. Services offered include bio-engineering, rip-rap protection (stream barbs, cross vanes, toe protection), toe wood, tree revetment, live staking, brush fascines, and mattresses.

Rain Gardens/Infiltration Basins

MNL can design, excavate, grade and maintain rain gardens. Utilize our decades of experience in outlet structure and filtration medium installation and plant selection and installation.


We are on the cutting edge of Bio-Engineering materials and installations. Innovative products such as pre-vegetated prairie sod and bio-builders, along with live stakes, fascines, brush mattresses and others help you to control erosion regardless of site conditions.

excavator in the river dredging

Process of Construction

The MNL Construction Services team meets with the stakeholders of each project to establish goals and timelines. We review each site and all project milestones to ensure successful outcomes. Utilizing the breadth of our expertise and equipment, the Construction Services Team ensures every detail is executed with one intent – heal the earth.

Featured Project
Crow river bank

Crow River Bank Stabilization Project

The project entailed the stabilization of approximately 500 linear feet of eroding bank on the Crow River in St. Michael, MN. Included in the stabilization was a number of bio-engineering practices including site grading, toe wood installation, woven erosion blankets along with native seeding and live staking.

Other Services

Professional Services

MNL provides a variety of service options including ecological consultation, environmental and ecological studies, permitting and compliance, wetland delineation, vegetation and wildlife management, and water quality services.

Vegetation Management

We have extensive experience with woody invasive control, rain garden maintenance, enhancement plantings, increasing biodiversity and maintaining healthy water systems.

Red Rock Fire Services

Established in 1996, the Red Rock Fire team utilizes their experience and expertise to provide prescribed burn and wildfire suppression services with precision and safety. Healthy ecosystems need periodic and controlled fires.