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MNL is excited to partner with ECE to provide expertly designed, native plant kits for a variety of growing environments.

Preorder your kit(s) and SAVE $10 off retail price — Exclusive ECE Pollineighbor Party preorder price!

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Learn more about available kits in the description below.

This is a preorder form for the ECE Pollineighbor Party in Mora Saturday, June 25.  All orders must be picked up at the event.  See Description below for more information and pickup times.

Preorder closed.  See you at the event!


ECE Pollineighbor Party

Bring the whole family (including the dog) to celebrate National Pollinator Week at Sapsucker Farms.  Grab lunch from the food truck, spin a trivia wheel for prizes, take the family on a scavenger hunt around the farm, and enter to win one of several grand prizes which include a pollinator house, hammock, and huge pollinator gift basket!  This is a free event with no need to register!

Where: Sapsucker Farms, 2752 215th Ave., Mora, MN 55051

When: Saturday, June 25, Noon-2 p.m.

Free Gift: Remember to stop by the MNL booth for a free gift!

All orders will be ready and available for pickup from Noon-2 p.m.  Just look for the MNL truck!

MNL will have a native plant consultant available to answer any questions as well as provide information about all of our native plant offerings.  MNL will not have plants available for day-of sale.  Preorder your plant kit(s) for pickup at the event, and SAVE $10 off our retail price on each kit. Learn more about each of the kits available for preorder below.

All plant kits include 36 plants; six plants of six different species. Species included will vary based on current inventory and availability in a variety of bloom times and blossom colors. All species will work well together in the growing conditions described for each kit. We recommend planting in a 40-60 sq. ft. area. All kits are $69.00/ea.  No shipping charge for any Pollineighbor Party purchases.


Monarch Special Kit

Who doesn’t love seeing Monarch Butterflies? Now you can turn your backyard into a Monarch sanctuary. The Monarch Special Kit is designed to create the perfect environment for our orange and black winged friends. With milkweed species for the caterpillars to feast on and other blooming species for nectar, they won’t be able to resist. More than just for butterflies, you will enjoy a variety of colorful blooms, as well. Best planted in dry to mesic soil with plenty of sunlight any anywhere you want to see Monarch Butterflies.


Rusty Patched Bumble Bee Kit

MNL has partnered with the Minnesota Board of Water and Soil Resources and the Lawns to Legumes program to design pollinator gardens to help create habitat for the endangered Rusty Patched Bumble Bee. Each species is listed as a “superfood” by the MnBWSR.  Best planted in dry to mesic soils with plenty of sunlight.


Short & Tidy Kit

Perfect for small or preexisting ornamental flowerbeds, the Short and Tidy Kit is designed with compact species that don’t mind staying in one spot. This collection will provide Spring and Summer blooms in a wide range of colors while providing habitat for all types of pollinators, insects, and butterflies. With the short stature of these plants, consider using as an accent under a mailbox, near a flagpole, under a post and rail fence, or even in front of your home.  Best planted in mesic soils with plenty of sunlight.


Wetland/Rain Garden Kit

Full of gorgeous wetland wildflowers, turn wet areas into a beautiful Rain Garden. Designed perfectly for smaller, contained runoff areas or low lying areas of your yard with moist soils. Enjoy bright and vibrant blossoms throughout the growing season. Expect to attract a wide variety of insects and pollinators to your rain garden, including Monarch Butterflies!  Consider planting at the edge of parking lots, driveways, and any other areas with concentrated runoff or in low lying areas. Best planted in heavy soils with high moisture and plenty of sunlight.


Part Shade/Woodland Edge Kit

The Part Shade/Woodland Edge Kit is specifically designed to strive in the transition spaces between open and wooded areas.  These plants will strive in both direct sunlight as well as shade.  A fantastic, natural habitat for many pollinators and insects. Consider planting on the border between wooded and open areas or at the wooded edge of your yard to reduce maintenance around those trees that are hard to mow under. Best planted in dry to mesic soil.

Backyard Prairie Kit

Bring a touch of wild, native Minnesota prairie to your home with the Backyard Prairie Kit.  Taller growing species than you’ll find in the Short & Tidy Kit, this kit designed to be planted in smaller, contained areas with room to reach for the sky.  This kit is perfect for back yards in town or urban settings. Expect flowers throughout the Summer and even into the Fall. The Backyard Prairie Kit will create habitat to attract all varieties of pollinators, as well as butterflies and songbirds too! Consider planting in small, contained areas of your yard with full sunlight or partial shade without height limitations.