My Pocket Prairie

Our new, complete do-it-yourself pollinator garden kit!

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Please read important shipping update below**


Check out MNL’s newest product, the DIY native garden My Pocket Prairie where the tiniest garden can make the biggest difference!

**Shipping Update

Fall is upon us and Winter is right around the corner.  Our native plants are getting ready for the cold and going dormant, and our live-plant shipping season has ended for My Pocket Prairie in 2021.  A special thank you to everyone who joined the My Pocket Prairie mission to Heal the Earth this year.

We will resume sending plants next Spring.  Shipping is tentatively scheduled to begin at the end of May, around Memorial Day Weekend. 

In the meantime…

It’s still a great time to start a My Pocket Prairie in your yard!

Though your native plants will not be arriving until next Spring, we will continue to ship the installation bundle hardware.  You can gain a head start for planting your My Pocket Prairie now. Your kit will have everything you need for installation, including: a weed-suppressing mat, galvanized edging, and a garden sign. By installing your weed-suppressing mat early, you will kill off the turf below, getting your plant bed extra cozy and welcoming for your plants when they arrive.

Layout maps for the different My Pocket Prairie sizes:



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