MNL Germination Kit – Purple Prairie Clover


Get a head start on native growing this spring and add some native Purple Prairie Clover to your yard with the MNL Germination Kit.

Makes a perfect gift for young native plant enthusiasts and green thumbs of all ages! Available until April 1, while supplies last.  

Germination Kit details below.

Free shipping on all Germination Kit orders. 


MNL Germination Kit

Purple Prairie Clover

Purple Prairie Clover in bloom

Tired of the snow?  Ready for spring?  You don’t have to wait for the snow to melt and the ground to thaw to start growing!

Get a head start on spring and bring a touch of green into your house with the MNL Germination Kit.  This kit comes with everything you need to grow 12 plugs of Purple Prairie Clover (Dalea purpurea) in the comfort of your own home.  When spring does arrive you’ll have twelve plugs, that you created, ready for transplant in your yard! 

Makes a great gift for young native plant enthusiasts or as a teaching/learning opportunity for students. No gardening experience needed! Easy to follow step-by-step guide included.    

Numbers are limited, so order soon to ensure availability.  Available now through April 1, while supplies last.  Free shipping.

All plastic parts are reusable!

Each kit includes:

  • One 12-cell germination tray complete with water catching outer tray
  • Humidity cover with venting capability
  • Soil/growing medium
  • One vial with Purple Prairie Clover seed
  • Seeding/growing instructions with plant identification tags
  • MNL “Heal the Earth” decal sticker

About Purple Prairie Clover: (Dalea purpurea) is an iconic flower of the Minnesota mesic shortgrass prairies.  Vibrant, thimble-shaped purple blossoms with orange accents are attractive pollinator magnets.  Will grow in clumps or clusters and range 12-36″ in height.  Makes a fantastic addition to any native planting or existing flower bed with mesic to dry soil and plenty of sunlight.

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