White Oaks Savanna

Nick WitschenPrairies, Residential

White Oaks Savanna™, is a unique, design-driven housing community with 30 home sites nestled into a prairie landscape that is being restored by MNL. The homes are being constructed on 5 to 7 acre lots that will primarily be maintained as prairie and oak savanna natural areas. The developers came to MNL to help them with their restoration after previous …

Eldridge Rain Gardens

Wes OlmschenkRain Gardens, Residential

In the spring of 2016, MNL began work on repair of 5 old and underperforming rain gardens. This project consisted of removing existing soils and plant debris, adding rain garden soil mixture, installing edging, mulching, planting, and assembling splash blocks on 4 of the 5 garden spaces. We really enjoyed seeing the improvements in a short period of time! Project …

Shoreline Restoration – Upper Hay Lake

Wes OlmschenkLakeshore, Residential

The project goal was to re-establish a uniform and stable soft-armored lakeshore.  Installation included 100 linear feet of coir log, import and placement of 12 cubic yards of clean fill, coir blanket to create one soil lift, along with hardwood mulch, native shoreline seed and approximately 1,200 native plants and shrubs.       Project Partners:

Locust Hills Development

Wes OlmschenkPrairies, Residential

This restoration project began in 2006 with clearing of buckthorn and other invasive tree material over acres of future development. Since then, wetlands, prairies, woodlands, shorelines, outlots, and roadside swales have been graded, seeded, sodded, planted, and continuously maintained to a very high standard.   Project Partners: