Plan your spring garden around Perennials!

Bre Bauerlywildflowers

Spring is an exciting time for gardeners! Garden Centers¬†are bursting with hanging baskets, started vegetables, and 6 packs of annuals galore! Spring is also an excellent time to start a native planting. Whether you have a woodland edge where the lawn doesn’t come in well, an under-maintained shrub planting, a deserted raised garden bed, or just some bare spots in your landscaping¬†– you can plant native plants. Native landscaping, or naturescaping, is a low maintenance option to attract birds, butterflies, and bumblebees to your yard. Native plantings don’t have to be large in size, and they also don’t need to be independent of traditional landscaping – you can plant native plants into existing garden spaces! Other benefits include cutting down on watering costs, lowering your pesticide/insecticide use, and lower maintenance! Native landscaping can include traditional elements such as mulch and edging, or can be a large wild seeding, the options are nearly endless. Start with local origin native plants for a more immediate impact (or when adding to an existing garden), or purchase seed to cover a larger area.

MNL can help plan, design, install, or even just recommend some popular native plant options! We have seed packets starting at 100 sq ft in size, local origin plants in 6 packs, and potted trees and shrubs. Call to learn more! (763) 295-0010