#explorewithMNL – An interactive outdoor learning journey and lots of fun in the backyard and beyond

Minnesota Native Landscapes (MNL) is a local company with an important mission purpose – to heal the earth. Our staff range from ecologists to heavy equipment operators and wildland firefighters, and each one has their own unique passion for the Minnesota outdoors. With our school-aged children home unexpectedly this month, we have come to realize that providing ecological products and services for our community isn’t enough right now. So, we’re launching #explorewithMNL campaign to help Minnesota families use this time to get outdoors in a safe, fun, healthy, and educational way while accomplishing their distance learning goals.  Topics will include a wide array of natural subjects, and how MNL works every day to provide real world, hands-on solutions to some of the State’s most current important ecological challenges.

The movement will primarily exist on MNL’s social media platforms (Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook) and with the hashtag #explorewithMNL. Students from preschool to high school should all be engaged in outdoor learning, and now is as good of time as any to do that. We will be releasing educational video content with MNL staff at work, enjoying time in the outdoors with our families, as well as informational content from outside collaborators. Topics will range in complexity to reach a wide variety of ages and the mission will allow students to join in and ask questions about the natural world they are observing.  Students are encouraged to work with their parents or caretakers to research answers to the questions they create.


Twitter: @MNLcorp

Instagram: @MNLcorp