MNL Bee Lawn Factsheet

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Seeding and Maintenance tips for bee lawn installations Getting Started:   New Lawn: Starting with bare soil: Rake seeding area, sprinkle seeds slowly and evenly, lightly rake again, water with approximately 1” of water. Water regularly during the establishment period, or until the bee lawn has matured. Setting Back Existing Lawn: Set your mower deck as low as it can go to …

What is a Pollinator Mix?

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  A pollinator seed mix is a wonderful way to get started with adding more native plants to your yard! Planting a pollinator seed mix adds more flowers for you to enjoy, while creating more habitat for our beloved pollinator species at the same time!   Pollinators are anything that helps carry pollen from one part of a flower to …

Expectations after prairie seeding

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We know it’s hard to wait and see if the investment of your time, energy, and seed costs pay off in the form of a beautiful diverse prairie planting, but we’re here to explain how long you should wait for your prairie to mature!   Deep rooted perennial vegetation takes it’s time to germinate, put down roots, then work on …

MNL Product Catalog

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Have you had a chance to check out MNL’s comprehensive Product Catalog with our Native Plant and Seed offerings. Most of these options are available in our online store, but we do also offer wholesale pricing for contractors, government offices, state or federal employees, and more!  

Winter Seed Stratification

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Seeding pots and trays is our focal point in the beginning of a new year, this needs to be done early so different seeds can grow to their own specifications. Stratification is a fundamental process to encourage plants to grow, and each species has it’s own unique preferences. Stratification is a process of placing either wet or dry seed in …

Selecting Native Plants and Seed for Your Property – Growing Zones

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Many gardeners are used to shopping for those hardy perennial plants according to their growing zone. We have such a unique set of challenges with growing and overwintering plants in Minnesota and the Midwest. Something a lot of people don’t know is that native plants, don’t go by zone – they go by historical range data. So instead of assigning …