Individual Species Full Trays Available!

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MNL is excited to introduce a new way to easily add Minnesota native wildflowers and grasses to your property.  For the first time ever, we’re offering individual species full trays for off-season preordering.  Each tray includes 36 XL plugs of the species of your choice at a lower price point than our regular plant kits or Build-A-Kit tray options.    …

MNL Product Catalog

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Have you had a chance to check out MNL’s comprehensive Product Catalog with our Native Plant and Seed offerings. Most of these options are available in our online store, but we do also offer wholesale pricing for contractors, government offices, state or federal employees, and more!  

MNL is developing a new Partnership and Fundraising Program!

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MNL is preparing to debut a new partnership program to promote the use of native plants and seed mixes on various landscapes across the Midwest! This partnership program will allow counties, cities, private businesses, non-profit groups, and more to host their own native plant and seed sales by way of a pre-order form! The plants would then be scheduled for …