Here comes the cold!

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When the weather turns cold and the prairies go dormant, a lot of our customers ask what they should be doing to prepare their plantings for winter. Luckily, the answer is – not much! We really like to recommend leaving prairie, wetland, shoreline, and woodland native plantings standing over the winter! The seeds left on the grass and wildflower stems …

Bring Me the News – Unexpected Joys

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Bre from MNL recently had the opportunity to chat all things native plants with SHAYMUS MCLAUGHLIN, of Bring Me the News. This four part series goes into fun detail of the process and joys of converting traditional yards and landscaping into native plantings. Read the article here:    

MNL is developing a new Partnership and Fundraising Program!

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MNL is preparing to debut a new partnership program to promote the use of native plants and seed mixes on various landscapes across the Midwest! This partnership program will allow counties, cities, private businesses, non-profit groups, and more to host their own native plant and seed sales by way of a pre-order form! The plants would then be scheduled for …

Selecting Native Plants and Seed for Your Property – Growing Zones

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Many gardeners are used to shopping for those hardy perennial plants according to their growing zone. We have such a unique set of challenges with growing and overwintering plants in Minnesota and the Midwest. Something a lot of people don’t know is that native plants, don’t go by zone – they go by historical range data. So instead of assigning …

Spring fever!

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This time of year always feels so exciting to those of us dreaming of getting outside! There have been a lot of photos and articles floating around about “waiting to rake and clean up gardens until temps are above 50 degrees” or similar. So what’s a gardener to do?! It really is great advice – not only are native pollinators …

2019 Small Seed Packets – Now Available!

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For the past several years, MNL has been creating a small native seed packet as a way to get more native plants out on the landscape across MN. These packets are the perfect size for a person just starting out with adding native plants to a garden, or for an experienced native gardener to fill in bare spots in their …

It’s a good year for monarch butterflies!

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Looking around outside, you may be able to spot more of these majestic creatures than you would have in previous years. We are observing that it has been a good summer for monarch butterflies around Minnesota! Walking around MNL’s native seed production fields this time of year when the migratory butterflies are hatching, is quite a sight!   Monarch butterflies …