MNL Buckthorn Removal

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From MNL’s Vegetation Management team: Buckthorn invasions can vary from small and sparse to large and overwhelming. The first step in a buckthorn battle is devising a plan of attack.¬† We want to know the goal of the restoration area first.¬† Are we trying to achieve an oak savannah, a diverse woodland, or a ballfield for the community baseball team?¬† …

Why Choose Native Plants?

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In addition to looking great and performing exceptionally well across the landscape of the upper Midwest, local-origin native species also provide a long list of ecosystem benefits. We’ve summarized a few of our favorite benefits here to stress the importance of restoring native vegetation in open spaces, park land, and beyond. Improved Infiltration – Native plant roots are incredibly good …

Expectations after prairie seeding

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We know it’s hard to wait and see if the investment of your time, energy, and seed costs pay off in the form of a beautiful diverse prairie planting, but we’re here to explain how long you should wait for your prairie to mature!   Deep rooted perennial vegetation takes it’s time to germinate, put down roots, then work on …

MNL Product Catalog

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Have you had a chance to check out MNL’s comprehensive Product Catalog with our Native Plant and Seed offerings. Most of these options are available in our online store, but we do also offer wholesale pricing for contractors, government offices, state or federal employees, and more!  

Winter Seed Stratification

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Seeding pots and trays is our focal point in the beginning of a new year, this needs to be done early so different seeds can grow to their own specifications. Stratification is a fundamental process to encourage plants to grow, and each species has it’s own unique preferences. Stratification is a process of placing either wet or dry seed in …

New Year, New Plants

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We are kicking off the new year with many plans and preparations¬† for the MNL greenhouses! Very soon we will fire up the heat, and begin growing the first of our 2022 plant inventory.   Over the next couple of months, our production employees begin seeding trays of various species to begin our 2022 inventory. We have a very specific …

Here comes the cold!

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When the weather turns cold and the prairies go dormant, a lot of our customers ask what they should be doing to prepare their plantings for winter. Luckily, the answer is – not much! We really like to recommend leaving prairie, wetland, shoreline, and woodland native plantings standing over the winter! The seeds left on the grass and wildflower stems …

Bring Me the News – Unexpected Joys

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Bre from MNL recently had the opportunity to chat all things native plants with SHAYMUS MCLAUGHLIN, of Bring Me the News. This four part series goes into fun detail of the process and joys of converting traditional yards and landscaping into native plantings. Read the article here:    

MNL is developing a new Partnership and Fundraising Program!

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MNL is preparing to debut a new partnership program to promote the use of native plants and seed mixes on various landscapes across the Midwest! This partnership program will allow counties, cities, private businesses, non-profit groups, and more to host their own native plant and seed sales by way of a pre-order form! The plants would then be scheduled for …