2019 Small Seed Packets – Now Available!

Bre Bauerly Pollinators, wildflowers

For the past several years, MNL has been creating a small native seed packet as a way to get more native plants out on the landscape across MN. These packets are the perfect size for a person just starting out with adding native plants to a garden, or for an experienced native gardener to fill in bare spots in their project area. Each year we feature a new native plant species on the packet cover, and this year we have chosen gray goldenrod. We have also expanded the mix diversity, now with 17 species including 1 bunch grass and 1 sedge! The native plant species in these packets will do well in full sun to partial shade. MNL sells these packets in small or large quantities, and also donates packets to educational and non-profit organizations. Interested in custom packet creation (custom mix, custom layout, custom photo)? We do that too! Contact us to learn more. [email protected]